Leading the way in Real Time AI on the Edge 

We enable actionable insights on small devices. We help our customers to improve safety, efficiency and user experience in their products and services. 

We have invented and developed SensorBeat - a system for real time artificial intelligence (AI) on the edge. AI on the Edge is a concept where intelligence and data processing is done locally on small devices. Motion AI is the technology that understands the motion of people, things and animals. 


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Solving IOT Challenges
We solve the challenges in IoT with real time AI on the edge.
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Motion AI technology
Our unique Motion AI products are based on state-of-the-art sensor technology and artificial intelligence algorithms.
How does it work?
Get ready for the future!
No matter whether you are an established product company or a small start-up, Motion AI can help you enhance your current solutions and develop completely new ones.
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Hands-on AI project
Are you interested in getting an AI hands-on experience?
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Resources & Activities
We are eager to provide you with useful, up-to-date information about AI on the Edge and topics relevant to the industries we serve. Here you can also find other information related to our system and our company.
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Use cases
The number of use cases for our technology are unlimited. We are currently working with customers in automotive, smart buildings, manufacturing, medtech and wearable devices. Get inspired by these use cases that demonstrate how Imagimob's Motion AI technology can be applied. 

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