Experts in motion intelligence
We are fast approaching a new era, an era where things can think for themselves.
After decades of culminated research, artificial intelligence is finally finding 
a place in our everyday lives. We've used this knowledge to create a unique artificial intelligence system that understands the motion of people and things.

SensorBeat® makes sensors feel

SensorBeat is a motion intelligence system. The system enables things to understand their motion - Whether it's a wristband listening to how people move, a heat pump that monitors itself, or a power tool making sure it's used correctly.

SensorBeat is a registered EU Trade Mark with registration number 014868426.

SensorBeat can learn

SensorBeat can easily learn new motions. Typically, it comes preconfigured with a few predefined motion patterns. SensorBeat can feel with great accuracy, and that makes all the difference. Higher accuracy means for instance that SensorBeat can detect not only that you are walking, but also estimate your speed or the fact that you are going uphill or downstairs.


SensorBeat is available as a software package that can be easily integrated into 3rd party hardware platforms. SensorBeat is fast, accurate and has a very small footprint, which means that it can run on lowcost and low power wearable devices. For OEM devices SensorBeat is a source code / pre-compiled library written in ANSI C. SensorBeat is patented technology.

Get a free workshop!

Want to know more about AI and sensors and why combining the two is so powerful? Right now we offer workshops for free! In the workshop we will let you experiment with our motion intelligence technology yourself.

The SensorBeat System

SensorBeat System is the world’s first motion intelligence system on the edge.

It's a complete package that contains all the necessary electronics and artificial intelligence for understanding the motion of things and people.The system is an optimal fusion of hardware and software, that can be easily integrated into 3rd party products. It contains top of the line sensors, impressive storage capabilities, Bluetooth low energy and external communication ports. 

This enables companies to differentiate and strengthen their offerings with next generation motion intelligence. 

SensorBeat API

The SensorBeat API is a software library that goes into a smartphone. The API allows the mobile phone to receive motion data from the hardware device for further action or for visualisation in a mobile app or in the cloud.

The API can also be used to update the SensorBeat firmware or to add new, preconfigured movements to the hardware device.

SensorBeat Analyser

Analyser is a PC software package for analyzing and collecting action from motion sensors. It is used to build the SensorBeat pattern databases that are used in pre-configured devices. Analyser is used to develop the embedded version of SensorBeat. Analyser can playback video with synchronized sensor data and it allows users to create packs in a more simple and accurate way. 

Evaluate our technology

For customers who want to test and evaluate our technology, we have a number of different offerings. The simplest one is SensorBeat iOS, a mobile app which includes the SensorBeat algorithms, and is using the sensors in the iPhone as sensor input.

SensorBeat iOS is available on App Store, click here to download.

For customers who want to get a deeper understanding of the SensorBeat System, we offer halfday workshops together with our experts. The customer gets SensorAnalyser installed on his PC for further evaluation. The workshop can be customised to specific customer needs. Please contact us ( for more info.

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